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This Month's Expert: Ryron Gracie
In this segment, Ryron shows us a slick wrist lock from the side mount position. This move comes on quick so be careful with your training partner.

Ryron Gracie

“Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.”
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Gracie University

Lifestyle & Opinion

Muscle sorenessAsk any gym rat about muscle sorness after a hard workout and you might hear something about lactic acid. It's been a commonly accepted wives tale for years that the build up of lactic acid in muscles causes fatigue and soreness

The truth is that muscle soreness, (the kind that sets in 24-48 hours after a hard workout) is really due to microscopic muscle tears. The microscopic tears that occur as a result of over exertion actually swell and bleed, and cause an increase in sensitivity..... READ >

Master's Mindset

Ricardo Liborio is one of the most influential men in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu today. If you have ever watched a UFC event, chances are you've seen his fighters win. As the co-founder of Brazilian Top Team, and the founder of American Top Team, some of the biggest names in BJJ and MMA train under the ATT banner. He is also the head coach for the US National Grappling Team, and is part of the effort to bring grappling to the Olympics.... WATCH >

Ricardo Liborio

Bjj Lifestyle

CauliflowerMarshal Carper, author of Cauliflower Chronicles - BJJ Weekly Interview
We got a chance to talk with Marshal Carper, the author of Cauliflower Chronicles recently and found out about his experience training in Hawaii at the BJ Penn MMA school. We also discuss some of the complexities of Hawaiian culture and rolling with BJ... READ / LISTEN >

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