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This Month's Expert: Andre "Dedeco" Almeida
Dedeco shows us his final sweeps from sit up guard and displays a smooth "bow and arrow choke" finish. Thank you Dedeco!

Andre "Dedeco" Almeida

“There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there. ”
- Albert Einstein

Reviews that Matter

DRILL TO WIN by Andre Galvao
I first saw Andre compete live at the 2008 Mundials. What I remember is him break dancing on some guys back, which is Drill to Win by Andre Galvaonow one of the most talked about videos on youtube. Ever since this experience I knew there was something different about Galvao’s game. I could see he was pushing the Gentle Art to another level, no one moved like him but everyone wanted to. Ever since that experience I became a huge Andre Galvao fan and it’s an understatement to say I was extremely excited when I heard he was putting a book together. When I saw that it was a drilling book, I knew it would be like no other book out there. “Drill to Win” is the name of the book and Andre breaks down a 12-month drill cycle to improve every aspect of your game from standing to the ground. Many of the drills in the book, work on your balance, movement and transitions. These fundamental movements are the key to Galvao’s game and as spectators it’s what makes it so fun to watch
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Rolling Reflections

This week Ryron lets you inside his head and walks us through a Rolling Reflections with Pete. Don't miss this one!... WATCH >

Ryron Gracie
Master's Mindset

with Ryron Gracie
Welcome to a brand new feature on BJJ Weekly, Master's Mindset. Master's Mindset will get you inside the head of some the top BJJ practitioners in the world.... LISTEN NOW >
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