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This Month's Expert: Andre "Dedeco" Almeida
Dedeco continues the situp guard this week with two more techniques. He focuses on what to do when your opponent grabs your collar and tries to control you.

Andre "Dedeco" Almeida

“Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something.”
- Frederick Smith

Lifestyle & Opinion

Rock Climbing Gear Ever been nervous before a fight? Tight knot in your stomach, sweaty palms, wondering what you are doing and why you are here? Are you ready? Did you train hard enough? Are you out of your league? Are you going to get hurt? Are you going to look foolish?

It’s cool, almost cold. The sun is still an hour away from coming up as you finish breakfast and break camp. You feel the presence of the immense granite mountain, even though you can’t see it yet. As the light starts to penetrate the valley floor you see your goal for the first time today. A stone perch hovering 3000 feet above the... MORE >

BJJ Power Play

Break the Grip with RYRON GRACIE
In this segment of BJJ Power Play Ryron Gracie shows us a nice way to break the grip when in the arm lock position. This technique requires patience and timing, check it out... WATCH >

Ryron Gracie

eviews that Matter

Rick Gorilla GripGORILLA GRIP
by Ground Control
Rick takes a look at some Gorrila Grips from Ground Control. Check out the video to see more... WATCH >

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